Software Requirements for using the NATO ADL LMS

The ADL courses provided by HQ SACT are designed and tested for the listed minimum requirements:

Required plug-ins to run ADL Courses


Your Version
Adobe Flash
You do not have the Flash plug-in installed, or your browser does not support Javascript (you should enable it, perhaps?)
Sun Java
JRE 6 v1.6.0 You do not have Java installed at all.

Known issues:

  • If lessons do not register as completed, i.e. "the bullet stays yellow/orange instead of turning green", please make sure, that you
    • answered all questions correctly (if required),
    • reached the last page (some lessons have an additional concluding page) and
    • you waited long enough for the final page to finish loading.
      (Usually you will see the bullet change to green shortly after you finished the lesson, but depending on your internet connection this might take some seconds.)
  • If you are using Firefox and your learning progress is displayed correctly, but discarded after closing the course window, please make sure that Firefox is set to "Accept third-party cookies". (We do not use third-party cookies, but Firefox treats them as such, thereby invalidation your session.)
  • If you have installed the JRE 6 Update 10 (or newer), the "Next generation Java Plugin" can cause tracking problems in some configurations. If you experience problems, we suggest using JRE 6 Update 7 or deactivate the "Next generation Java Plugin" (HowTo for Windows) until these issues are resolved. This may require the support of your IT department on a corporate computer.
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