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A NATO-Military, Governmental or NATO official email is required for registration.

If you do not have a military or official governmental email address, a sponsor is required from a NATO entity or NATO member nation command structure to verify that the training is for the benefit of NATO.


  Freqently Asked Questions

Account Questions

Account registration at JADL is required. In order for an account to be activated and gain access to NATO courses, registration requires an official/military NATO affiliated email address. Register here.

Once submitted, allow up to 48 hours for account activation. After activation, an email notification will be sent.
From the JADL login screen, select the Forgot your password? link. Enter a username and the associated e-mail address in the fields shown below. The system will send a message to that e-mail address. The message contains an address for a web page, where you can enter a new password for the user account. In case you are unable to assign a password to your user account using this form, contact your course administration or send an e-mail to [email protected].
From the JALD login screen, select the Forgot your username? link. Enter an e-mail address and submit the form. The system will send an e-mail to that address. The e-mail contains all user names which have registered this e-mail address. Choose a suitable username and use the password service to retrieve a new password. If you do not retrieve any e-mail by this service please contact your course admin or [email protected].
This is caused by the following possibilities:
  • If you are a new user, your account may not be activated yet. Allow 48 hours for activation, and you will receive an email notification.
  • You tried logging into the wrong database (Remember, that each database has its own Username and Password)
  • You typed in a wrong Password/Username combination. Try again with the right LOGIN data.
If you still have any problems to LOGIN, please contact the administrator to ask for additionally help. Don't register again, until you get the advice to do that.
After logging in, you will find on your personal desktop (first page) a folder called "Personal Profile". Select that link, and you will see your registration information. You can change everything, except the username. Make sure that all required fields are filled and select Save to submit the changes.


Course Questions

Close the course window and start again. We recommend Firefox as this is the most compatible with our system for tracking your learning progress. If you are using any of the other browsers we have plug-ins available on the landing page to update your browser. When the minimum software requirements have been met, run the course again. If an error still occurs, please contact us.
If you can start the course, but the navigation or the change between modules didn't work, you may be running an outdate web browser. Firefox is the recommended browser.
Use the search tool on our landing page, after logging in (upper right side). To find a specific course, you have several options:
  1. Use the search function from the top navigation bar, just type the number of the course for example: to find ‘ADL 336 BUILDING INTEGRITY (BI) AWARENESS COURSE’ type ‘336’
  2. Click on "Repository" from the top navigation bar to browse manually
  3. There is a Course Catalogue "PDF" available on the landing page
  4. Use the Course Catalogue by ADL Number (Link List) also on the landing page
The search results are links to the found courses you can use. The repository shows different categories, which are sorted by Education Facilities.

Also, your start screen is your personal desktop. From here you can get to all areas of our LMS. You will find two navigation bars. The one on top of the page (Personal Desktop, Repository, Search, Mail) is the main navigation. The one just below the main one is to navigate through your personal desktop (Overview, Personal Profile, Calendar, Private Notes, Bookmarks and Learning progress..)
Navigate to that course and click the members folder. There you will find a button to unsubscribe. Follow the instructions and you will get a success email.
Some of our courses have security restrictions, based on the Subject Matter Expert's (SME) decision. These courses need additionally confirmation from SACT JADL security. If you would like to register to these courses, your request will be checked and we will send information back, whether it's approved or not. We have to accept the SME's decision and only provide information on their behalf.
Ensure you have done the Browser test before beginning the course. Right now Mozilla Firefox is the most reliable for tracking your learning progress.

Ensure you join the course rather than just starting it, as your progress may not be saved. On some completion there will be an exit button to exit the course, use this rather than closing the window, as your learning progress will be lost.

After reaching the last page of a lesson, please wait until it is fully loaded to make sure that the complete code is transferred to the SCORM tracking tool.
If you finished all lessons from a module or a course and getting back to the Learning Management System the certificate link should be active. If not, just use the refresh option from your browser and the link will be active. Otherwise check the learning progress, to ensure 100% completion.

CHECK YOUR BROWSER - Ensure you are using the browser Firefox before beginning the course. It is the most reliable for tracking your learning progress.

SURVEYS, KNOWLEDGE CHECKS and QUIZZES - Please make sure you conduct any surveys, knowledge checks and quizzes associated with the course, failure to do so will make it unable for you to download your certificate.

JOINING AND EXITING – Ensure you join the course rather than just starting it, as your progress may not be saved. On completion there will be an exit button to exit the course, use this rather than closing the window, as your learning progress will be lost.